Team Assistant

Turns hospitality staff into well-working teams

Team Assistant strengthens the collaboration, communication and work processes between housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen and front office.

Bottlenecks, misunderstandings and miscommunication are eliminated by automatic status updates, real-time communication and dynamic scheduling.

For example, when a guest checks out, Team Assistant automatically receives an alert and the schedule changes dynamically, as the room is now ready for cleaning for the next arriving guest. Similarly, maintenance is automatically notified when housekeeping detects a defect in a room that may even prevent the next guest from checking into the room. The kitchen screen clearly shows if the number of people changes at the day's events, etc.

As an app on your smartphone

As a desktop app

The planning and assignment of tasks is available in both the desktop and mobile App

The planning and assignment of tasks is available in both the desktop and mobile App

Product features

Auto-creation of tasks based on reservations and guest requests
Manual creation of tasks with photo capabilities
Time / employee scheduling for the individual employees
Planning and assigning tasks with calculation of time consumption
• Assigning tasks to teams or individuals
Checklists and work instructions with images via templates
2-way integration with hotel system
Real-time updating of tasks
Kitchen screen with an overview of orders for the kitchen based on
   reservations with highlighting changes on the day
Overview of completed tasks resp. ready for inspection
Checklist for inspection
Supervisor inspection
• Overview of the status of all tasks